a. What is ‘Fire Stick Remote – TV Control’?

‘Fire Stick Remote – TV Control’ is an Android application that can replace your physical Fire TV remotes in a matter of seconds. With a few simple taps and no setup required, it is the most convenient way to control your Fire TV using your phone. It also allows you to cast your photos and videos directly on your TV.

  b. How can I connect this app with my TV?

Firstly, connect your TV to your home’s wifi network. Secondly, turn on your Android phone and also connect to the same wifi network as the TV. Lastly, tap “Allow” on your Android mobile device to connect both devices.

If you experience difficulties with connecting your Smart TV to the application, please contact us at support@metaverselabs.ai

  c. Is ‘Fire Stick Remote – TV Control’ free?

Absolutely. However, free users are limited in terms of how long they can use our product, as well as receiving both banner and interstitial (full-screen) ads. Subscribed users can use the app without limits and benefit from an ad-free experience.

  d. How does ‘Fire Stick Remote – TV Control’ work?

Using your WiFi network connection to create a secure communication channel, our application connects your device to your Fire TV seamlessly.

  e. Is ‘Fire Stick Remote – TV Control’ safe?

‘Fire Stick Remote – TV Control’ uses only your own private WiFi connection in order to link your Fire TV with your phone. This app does not collect any data whatsoever.


  a. Cannot find your TV?

 Currently we only support Fire TV. The others can not work with this app.

  • Please make sure your TV and mobile phone are connected to the same Wifi network so that they can detect each other. Also please make sure your network connection is stable.
  • Check your Local Network Permission is switched on or off. You can follow these steps: On your mobile phone —> Settings —> Privacy —> Local Network —> Switch on at this app.
  • Something may happen in the local network so your mobile phone can not detect your smart TV. So please turn the TV off, then turn on your TV to restart the process. Do the same thing with your phone, please close the app and then open again.
  • If your TV has not been found, please send us via Email us at Settings screen so that we can know which problems you are facing and we will fix it. Please make sure you will describe problems detailly.

  b. Cannot cast video, photo, music?

Some media will have a big size or require to be downloaded from iCloud so that the app can take more time to convert and prepare to your TV. Please be patient.

  c. Cannot upgrade Premium mode?

Please contact us through email in the Settings screen and describe your problems detailly. We are so sorry for that.


  a. Payment Issue

If an error occurs during payment for Fire Stick Remote, please check your internet connection and the Fire Stick Remote app for the latest version. If it is not the latest version, please update the app.

If you keep facing the same error, please send me a screenshot or video screen of the error screen along with a specific description of the problem and the log file in an email via Email us on tab Settings of Fire Stick Remote app.

  b. How Can I Cancel My Subscription

Even if you cancel the subscription, you can use the subscription service normally for the remaining period of use. Cancellation must be done directly at the Google Play Store where the purchase was made. Please understand that we cannot directly help you with the cancellation process due to our privacy policy.

After clicking [Play Store] – [Payment & Subscription] – [Periodic payment] – [the desired subscription item] sequentially, please click [Cancel Subscription] and follow the instructions on the Play Store.

  c. Will my subscription be automatically canceled when I delete the Fire Stick Remote app or withdraw from my account?

If you delete the Fire Stick Remote app from your phone or if you withdraw from your account, the subscription payments are not automatically canceled. To avoid future charges, you must cancel directly from the Play Store.

After clicking [Play Store] – [Payment & Subscription] – [Periodic payment] – [the desired subscription item] sequentially, please click [Cancel Subscription] and follow the instructions on the Play Store.

  d. How do I get a refund?

All subscription cancellations and refunds must be processed through Play store. Please understand that we cannot provide the refund process directly due to our privacy policy.

Please follow the instructions on the Play Store after clicking [Google Play Store] – [Customer Center] – [Request a Refund on Google Play] sequentially

  e. How do I restore my premium purchase?

If your subscription plan is active but the Premium access seems to be unavailable (this might be due to device change or app reinstall), you can always restore your purchase. Here are the steps to do that:
  • Log in with the same account where you paid in the Play Store.
  • Open Fire Stick Remote Settings and tap on ‘Restore purchases’ option.
  • If you see your purchase, restart the application and check if Premium version is available.
If restoring purchases did not help, you can still try the following:
  • Change your internet connection (try another Wi-Fi or mobile network).
  • Clear application’s cache.
  • Reinstall the application (delete it from your device and then install it again from the Play Store).
If all steps described above did not help, do not worry. Here is what you need to do:

Proceed to Settings > Email Us. Don’t forget to describe the issue shortly in the comment section and mention all the steps that you have already tried. A message will be sent to our support team and they will be able to assist with the situation.